Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teen Beauty Secrets: Fresh, Simple & Sassy Tips for Your Perfect Look

Teen Beauty Secrets is loaded with fashion tips and techniques to fit your life and to help you look and feel your best, from weekend shopping to homeroom and to posing for prom pictures. This must-have guide gives you the edge you need to handle every fashion emergency, including breakouts, bad hair days, makeup mishaps and wardrobe calamities. Learn to fill your closet with the "right" pieces, apply makeup for an all-day, glowing look and keep your friends (and parents) impressed with your attitude and style!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lip Gloss: The Self-Confedence Booster

Do you ever feel embarrassed about your braces?Do you ever feel worried about that gap in your teeth?
No worries girl! Enjoy being different!
Here are some Lip-Glosses that will make you even more proud of your beautiful smile!
Go out there and SHINE!!!!!

Jordana Squeeze n' Shine Super Shiny Tasty Lip Gloss
Jesse's Girl Liquid Glass Lip Gloss
L.A. Colors Glossy Lips Lip Gloss
Loreal Paris Colour Riche Le' Gloss

Olive Oil: The Natural Beauty Product

During the years of my life I have experimented on many natural CHEAP beauty products; 
Here is one of them that I used....

Cheap Olive Oil Mascara
What you need: 
(1) Clean old Mascara wand
(1) Teaspoon of Olive Oil

This is how you make it:
Make sure the the mascara wand is really clean 
(We don't want any mascara in your pretty eyes, do we?)
Then SLOWLY pour the Olive Oil on the mascara wand and with the wand spread the Olive Oil on those beautiful eyelashes and Voila! Luscious eyelashes! 

But there is always the option of purchasing 100% Mascara w/olive oil in it to make your eyelashes look natural,  but also may be a little expensive, But if you want that kind, you can buy it here Neutrogena Mascara.

Hiding Place

Hiding Place
By Madison Rowe
I’m sitting on my window, two stories up,
Below my feet is a golden broken cup.
As the wind from the storm is blowing through my brown silky hair,
The window still is my hiding place; no one even knows I’m there.
Above me the clouds are forming a blurry image of my face,
I am really afraid that it may give away my hiding place.
As it starts to rain, drops of water slid down my nose,
When it stopped, the clouds started to form my frozen pose.
Even though I thought that I didn’t have much fame,
I heard the wind start to howl my name.