Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olive Oil: The Natural Beauty Product

During the years of my life I have experimented on many natural CHEAP beauty products; 
Here is one of them that I used....

Cheap Olive Oil Mascara
What you need: 
(1) Clean old Mascara wand
(1) Teaspoon of Olive Oil

This is how you make it:
Make sure the the mascara wand is really clean 
(We don't want any mascara in your pretty eyes, do we?)
Then SLOWLY pour the Olive Oil on the mascara wand and with the wand spread the Olive Oil on those beautiful eyelashes and Voila! Luscious eyelashes! 

But there is always the option of purchasing 100% Mascara w/olive oil in it to make your eyelashes look natural,  but also may be a little expensive, But if you want that kind, you can buy it here Neutrogena Mascara.

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